Is it worth using an attorney to fight a traffic ticket?
The fine you pay for your ticket is based on the final charge you plead guilty to. By using an attorney and getting a reduction, you not only lower the fine amount, but normally you also prevent the charge from affecting your insurance. This means no extra monthly insurance charges as well as a lower fine.

Do I have to go to Court?

In most cases you do not need to go to Court. If you are charged with a Misdemeanor offense and have not appeared in Court then you will need to appear in Court at least one time.

What if I don’t have my tickets?
The District Attorney requires a copy of your ticket in order to offer a reduction.

If you have an old or outstanding ticket which you have lost, you can normally request a new one from the Court which issued the ticket.

If you do not have the time we can also request tickets on your behalf for a fee of $50 per set of tickets per Court. You must know which Court you have tickets in.

If you know you are suspended on the tickets, but can’t remember where you got them you can get a copy of your driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The suspensions will be shown along with the Court they are in.

How much will my fine be?
We do not know the exact fine amount because New York State uses a range to set the fine. The range is determined by the final charge you plead guilty to. By lowering the charge, you are lowering the fine.

How will I be notified of the outcome?
We will notify you by phone of the outcome of your case.

How long does the process take?
Normally, cases inside Onondaga County take about 30 days to get the reduction, then 1-2 weeks to get the fine from the Court. Cases that are outside of Onondaga County take longer to resolve, usually about 2 weeks. We will call you as soon as we have the reduction offer from the District Attorney.

When do I get my fine?
The fine is not set at the time we get the reduction, the Court has to be notified of the reduction and then sets the fine. Usually the fine comes in 1-2 weeks after the reduction from the District Attorney.

How am I notified of my fine?
We will mail your fine to you on the same day our office receives it.

How do I pay my fine?
Each Court is different as to how/what payments they will accept. You should read the fine letter from the Court to determine your payment options. The standing rule is no personal checks.

Can I setup payments for my fine?
Normally the Court will not accept partial payments on your fine. If you need an extension on your fine due date you should contact the Court and politely ask for an extension.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, money orders and all major credit cards except American Express.

Possible Reductions
Most of the tickets we handle are reduced to “non-moving, no point” violations. People often ask us what the various codes/reductions mean. Below you will find a list of our most common “non-moving, no point” reductions and their descriptions.

1101 – Required Obedience to Traffic Law
1201 – Stop/Standing on Pavement (Parking Violation)
1214 – Opened Door Unsafely
375.31 – Loud Muffler
375-30 – Obstructed View

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