The Ticket Doctor handles all types of speeding tickets

Speeding and other traffic tickets in NY.

The Ticket Doctor has handled over 12,000 traffic tickets with most of them being for speeding and the other minor charges. We have listed the most common tickets we see and the amount of points for each. If you have a ticket for which the charge is not listed below just give us a call and we will tell you the point amount. Higher points equals higher insurance rates and a higher fine from the Court. Get your ticket reduced today!

If you are convicted of 3 speeding tickets in an 18 month period your license will be suspended.

If you total 6 or more points in an 18 month period, the DMV will require you to pay an assessment of $300 or more. More info.

Please note that all OP MV Mobile Phone and OP MV Portable Electronic Device tickets are now 5 pts.

1180(a) or (e) Imprudent or Unreasonable Speed. 3 pts.


1180(b,c-school zone, d, f-workzone)

1-10MPH over limit. 3 pts
11-20MPH over limit. 4 pts
21-30MPH over limit. 6 pts
31-40MPH over limit. 8 pts
40MPH or more over limit. 11 pts


1102 Failure to Comply with Lawful Order – 2 pts.

1110(A) Disobeyed a Traffic Control Device – 2 pts.

1111d1 Passed Red Light – 3 pts.

1172(a) Failed to Stop at Stop Sign – 3 pts.

1128(a) Unsafe Lane Change – 3 pts.

1129(a) Following Too Closely – 4 pts.

1229(c)(3) No Seat Belt-Driver 0 pts. (Some insurance companies raise rates for this charge)

511-1A Agg. Unlicensed Operation-Third Degree (Misdemeanor Criminal Charge) 0pts.

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